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About Past Life Readings, Reincarnation And Past Life Psychics

Literally billions of people believe in reincarnation ... the concept that we have had past lives and will have future lives. In brief, we are on the seemingly endless cycle of lives in order to learn. Many believe that "karma" is what holds us in this cycle ... the concept that what is done by the soul in past lives (good or evil) stays with that soul.

Although largely associated with eastern religions, reincarnation is not bound to those religions. The unique perspective of reincarnation within the United States has been influenced by the work of Edger Casey, the "sleeping prophet" and later by a scientific researcher who wrote a compelling book call "Cases Suggesting Reincarnation". books The cultural revolution of the Sixties expanded (dare we say opened) people's thinking about and access too non-traditional concepts such as reincarnation, karma, astrology, yoga, meditation and more. When the idea of "past life regression" through hypnosis began to filter into America's news reports and books, the idea of reincarnation here in the USA was here to stay. Even General Patton, hero of World War Two, hinted he lived before as a warrior and hoped to be born again as the same ... this did not in anyway diminish his appreciation for Christian ideals.

There are even those who claim the idea that we have lived past lives and could live future lives is contained in the Christian Bible ... that, however, is a debate for other people some other place.

A reincarnation reading or past life reading by a psychic is a very unique experience. There can be numerous ideas and possibilities one can explore:

Is your excessive fear of water (or anything else) the result of a traumatic death such as drowning in a past life?

Are the people around you part of a family or community you spent a previous life with?

The whole idea of a "soul mate" is derived from the concept there are "kindred spirits" ... a person or group we want to spend this life with because our love spans many lifetimes together.

Is there a person or group of people you just cannot tolerate and cannot figure out why?

Are there locations you are just drawn too? Or, are there periods in history to which you find your mind keeps returning?

Do you have skills and talents that just seem extraordinary and nothing you learned from your family?

Do you have dreams of people and places that are completely unrelated to the life you are currently living?

Often, a reincarnation reading touches on and explores these seemingly unexplainable issues ... unexplained until you introduce the idea you have lived before.

Reincarnation psychics or past life psychics are those psychics who believe the soul or spirit has incarnated into this physical world many times. For them, it is just a fact that is separate from any particular religious overtones. A skilled past life psychic can provide you with a personal past life reading that you are unlikely to forget. And, psychics who provide this type reading can reveal to you why you may be drawn to certain people, places and career paths. Do not be surprised if a past life reading touches on spirit guides from past lives who watch over you now ... or suggest an astrological or tarot reading to look at how a past events and future possibilities may unfold.

If you are ready to explore the possibility of a past life or discover past lives you could have lived, give a call. Past life psychics are available for readings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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