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About Runes, Runestones, Readings And Runic Magic

First, let's clear up a few things.
Runes refer to the symbols in the runic alphabet, an alphabet that spanned a good portion of northern and central Europe, especially Germany, England and Scandinavia. As research continues, the runic alphabet and the mystical side of the Runes may be far older and more wide spread than is currently believed.

Runestones, typically, refer to ancient runic inscriptions on large stones. Some runestones date as far back as the fourth century, these being large inscriptions on boulders and bedrock formations in Europe. Generally, early runestones were memorials to warriors, kings and well regarded individuals. Maybe this was the beginning of today's traditional headstone? Ancient runes have also been found carved in wood, some of the oldest found in Greenland.

Creating large, impressive runestones caught on. (could it be the start of artistic graffiti?) and runestones began to spread over Europe. They were created to mark special locations, commemorate events and more. Runes have also been discover above pre-Christian homes and buildings and were perhaps put there as a talisman for protection or lucky ... a tradition that may have continued into modern times with "hex signs" being placed on barns and buildings.

You may have heard the expression, "to know the name of a thing is to have a kind of power over such a thing" ... perhaps this concept was the beginning of runic magic or magick. Runic magic or magick has largely vanished in the mist of time. Mostly wiped out by the Christianization of Europe. The revival of paganism, Germanic mysticism, Celtic magic and Wicca has lead to a re-examination and exploration of Runes. The runic alphabet may have been as much about magic and the mystical as it was a means of communication. In much the same way astrology was severed from astronomy, the runes as a language was, perhaps, severed from a magical, mystical application called Runes. This could easily be supported by the fact in Norse mythology Odin acquires the Runes for man at great personal sacrifice ... and it seems he did this as much for the magick power of the Runes as for the potential of communication.

A reading of the runes, runecasting or a runestone reading is a modern way of exploring an ancient art. Runestones, these days (outside stuffy scientific circles) are considered a divination tool in much the same way that Tarot and Scrying are divination tools. Some say that the reading of ruins is an older divination art than reading tarot cards ... but that is a debate for other folks somewhere else ... we are just doing a brief overview of runestones.

A rune stone reading is similar in some ways to Tarot. In Tarot, you have a tarot deck. In a runestone reading you have a collection of runes (runic symbols carved in stone, wood, glass) generally contained in a bag. In Tarot, a pattern or spread is decided upon. In runestone readings, a small cloth is laid out and, depending on the type of runes reading, a selection of stones are randomly selected from the bag and cast on the cloth. Just as each tarot card has a unique meaning, so do each of the runic symbols have a special meaning. In both a Tarot reading and Runes reading, it is best for both the reader and the client to be focused on a specific question before the cards are dealt or the runes are cast. Just as with Tarot cards, a mystical, psychic interpretation of what the Runes are trying to say begins when the runes are on display.

There are many, many people who are fascinated by runestones and runestone readings. Some say it is because the runic symbols are ancient and rich with meaning. Some are attracted to the Runes because this style of reading is grounded in nature and ancient mythology. As a divination tool, it is quickly rising in popularity to rival Tarot, numerology, I Ching and Crystal gazing.

A personal rune stone reading can be tremendously insightful. At the least, if it effects you as it has others, you will be thinking about the reading long after the reading is completed. Before a runes reading, try and get focused on the question(s) you want to ask or the issue you want to explore. Keep in mind that Runestone readers each have a unique style and method of presentation. A runestone reading combined with Tarot or numerology reading can sometimes lead to more clarity or show deeper dimension on an issue. So, sometimes a runes reader may suggest using another divination tool during a reading. Sometimes a runes reader will suggest taking a look at your personal questions through a series of runecastings ... be prepared to go with the flow.

If you are ready to have the Universe speak to you through the runes, give a call. You can ask anything you want ... and you will get an answer.

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