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Live numerology readings are available just about anytime. If you would like, you can check Numerologist Available Now to find out who is available for a readings. Numerology is often under appreciated as a very effective divination tool. Numerology is very similar in many ways to astrology for predicting future events; revealing compatibility; and understanding a person's strengths, weaknesses and life path. Numerology can quickly identify positive situations, hazards and how to select the most advantageous path.

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About Numerology And Numerology Reading Tips

Many say that Pythagoras (569 BC - 475 BC), a philosopher and mathematician (and considered one of the greatest mathematicians) is the father of modern numerology. To him, the universe "spoke in numbers". If everything has a number, if everything can be put in an equation, perhaps there is a mystical reason for things to be in numerical arrangements. Messages from the divine beyond 2+2=4?

The idea that the universe can be perfectly expressed in harmonious numerical and mathematical equations is the foundation of physics. Seems a miracle or magick that the universe and everything in the universe can be represented by perfect mathematical representations, eh?

For the early Greek numerologists, numbers corresponded to "universal vibrations". All things, including names, words, birth dates, locations and relationships can be reduced to numbers and those numbers have their own vibrational meaning. Skilled numerologists were well paid and generally in the employment of wealthy patrons. It was considers a valuable tool to explain personalities; help in trade arrangements; assist with love compatibility; and used for divination.

It is odd, is it not, that numerology, astrology, alchemy where all part of the original sciences of mathematics, astrology and chemistry? It is as if there is a huge plot to divorce the material world from it's spiritual origins.

It was not uncommon (as it is today) for ancient Oracles to combine astrology readings with numerology and other divination tools like Tarot, Runes and crystal gazing. Generally, practitioners of such arts, found they were more skilled at one or other of these tools. However, they also found that lightly combining them could help with clarity, understanding timelines for future events and so forth. Therefore, do not be surprised if during your numerology reading, there reader might want to consult further with another divination tool.

What do numbers have to tell you about your best career choice, love compatibility, the best location to live? What numbers are lucky for you and what numbers represent danger? Based on numerology, which people at work will most likely be allies and which not. A numerology reading can be very enlightening and reveal what seems obvious though hidden. Want an edge in love, business and life? Try a personal numerology reading with a talented psychic reader.

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